• Tabloidowe nagłówki — retoryka i obraz rzeczywistości

Tabloidowe nagłówki — retoryka i obraz rzeczywistości

Wojciech Kajtoch
Google Scholar Wojciech Kajtoch


In the world of tabloid headlines. Its rhetorical devices and image of the world

The article deals with persuasive and rhetorical devices that can be found in tabloid headlines, used to arouse reader’s interest, such as: specific typography styles, irony, parody, euphemisms, lexical suggestions, allusions, presupposition, peculiar expressiveness. Thanks to these devices the newspaper seems more personalized, addressed directly to its reader. Furthermore, these devices create the image of the readers as a group with strictly defined allies and foes. Content analysis of the headlines leads to the conclusion that tabloids create a specific, simplified and axiologically incoherent image of the world, consistent with stereotypes and fully suitable for mass reader.

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