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Editors’ introduction: Development of agenda-setting theory and research. Between West and East

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agenda-setting research, first level, second level, theory and research, Central Europe

Media effects in a transitional society: Setting the political agenda in the Kosovo elections of 2007

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agenda-setting, Kosovo elections, East European media, media effects, political communication

Screening the theories of institutional dynamics in the light of the post-socialist transformation

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institution, evolutionary change, corporate social responsibility, foreign direct investment, Central and Eastern Europe

Crisis of the system of own resources of the European Union and proposals for the future

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financial autonomy of the EU, financial instruments of the EU, own resources system, reform of the budget, traditional own resources – TOR-, VAT resource, GNI resource, taxation principles, candidate for future own resource, problem of election of candidate, numeric valuation, modulated VAT, energy taxation, tax on the climate change, EU corporation income tax

Socio-economic effects of the development of economic cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union for Poland

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European economic integration, economic welfare, Computable general equilibrium model, GTAP, equivalent variation, international trade

Wpływ opodatkowania na przepływy BIZ między krajami UE

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capital income taxation, tax rate effects, FDI, EU

Montesquieu, sa femme et ses filles

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Montesquieu, family, wife, daughters

Czeskie ciało Boga

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body, sin, Eucharis, Church, Purgatory, Calixtins, Taborits

Stereotyp těla v polských a českých židovských anekdotách

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Czech and Polish prewar Jewish anecdotes, picture of Jew, Eastern European Jewry and Western European Jewry, so-called Polish Jew, heterostereotypical autostereotype

The role of European political parties in closing the communication gap within the European Union. A critical view

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communication gap within the EU, European Communication Policy, European political parties, European public opinion

Television: the challenges of pluralism to media regulation

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Television, freedom of expression, EU audiovisual policies, pluralism, media regulation

The influence of the Council of Europe and other European institutions on the media law system in post-Soviet states

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media law, Council of Europe, post-Soviet countries, Russia, journalism, public broadcasting, OSCE, PACE

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