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Bloggen als Mittel des Fremdsprachenerwerbs? Erfahrungsbericht aus einem universitären Deutschkurs

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foreign-language acquisition, target language, foreign-language blogger/L2 blogger, blogging in a foreign language, improve and develop foreign-language competence

Artykulacja polskich głosek u  chińskich studentów uczących się języka polskiego

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Polish as a Foreign Language, Chinese, L2, articulation, error, pronunciation

Attributions in High and Low Willingness to Communicate in L2

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attributions, willingness to communicate in L2, communication, locus of control, stability, controllability

Foreign Language Anxiety: The Manifestation of Language Aptitude Differences?

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foreign language anxiety (FLA), foreign language classroom anxiety scale (FLCAS), foreign language aptitude, language aptitude test, second language (L2) proficiency, EFL

De rol van de Processability Theory van Pienemann in de verwerving van het Nederlands als tweede taal bij Poolse studenten


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second-language acquisition, Processability Theory, Pienemann, Dutch as L2, universal acquisition order

Mesovariation: A Review of Krzysztof Migdalski’s Second Position Effects in the Syntax of Germanic and Slavic Languages, Wrocław: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego, 2016


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Germanic, information structure, macro-, micro- and meso-variation, prosody, Second Position Cliticization (CL2), Slavic, Verb Second (V2), Wackernagel


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