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Nehring — horyzonty pamięci

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pismo, mowa, pamięć, fotografia, opowiadanie transmedialne

Chodzące ciało

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spiritual vs. mental corporality, split personality, the debasement of body, body as a transmitter of emotions, physical means of artistic expression

De la spécificité du texte théâtral et de sa traduction

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theatrical writing, fidelity/loyalty/contract, transmission/transmutation, effect/the process of writing for theatre, intertext/supertext/subtext, external/internal dramaturgy, expressive/ indicative, speech/utterance/enunciation, oral/written language, spoken/‘decoy’ speech, the social art/collective expectances horizon, theatre of play/theatre of text, Italian style

El dolor y el tango

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emotions, dolor, tango, natural semantic metalanguage (NSM), lexical meaning

Media pragmalinguistics in sport reports and transmission

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speech acts, microacts, macroacts, representatives, evaluative assertives, deliberative acts, modal acts, linguistic acts, locution, illocution, perlocution, illocution bundle, sports transmission, one-act pragmatics, multi-act pragmatics, relations pragmatics, pragmatic-communication routine, seducing with eloquence, commentator duos

On the philosophical status of the transmission metaphor

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transmission metaphor, philosophy of communication, communicology, metaphorical conceptualization, collective view

Women’s narratives of displacement and their afterlife


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displacement, women, life writing, postmemory, intergenerational transmission of memory and knowledge, переселения, женщины, биографические писания, записи о прошедших событиях

Sport jako wojna — na przykładzie telewizyjnych transmisji sportowych z meczów piłki nożnej


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sports broadcasting, sports on TV, visual means, war metaphor, telewizyjna transmisja sportowa, sport w telewizji, środki wizualne, metaforyka wojenna

The concept of HOME in Polish and Portuguese – distant cultures, similar concepts


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home, dom, casa, emotions, lexical semantics, NSM


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