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The country of origin principle and competition among national regulatory régimes in East Central Europe

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EC media regulation, country of origin principle, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian media regulation

Two Syntactic Strategies to Derive Deadjectival Nominals

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deadjectival nominals, word formation, Distributed Morphology, German, Greek, Romanian

Między konstytucyjną słabością a rzeczywistą siłą — rumuńska prezydentura w okresie sprawowania urzędu przez Traiana Băsescu

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Romania, system of government, presidency, Traian Băsescu, Rumunia, system rządów, prezydentura, Traian Băsescu

“Original democracy”: A rhetorical analysis of Romanian post-revolutionary political discourse and the University Square protests of June 1990

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Romania, revolution, rhetoric, Iliescu, University Square protests

The Joke Is on You: Humor, Resistance through Culture, and Paradoxical Forms of Dissent in Communist Romania


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resistance, culture, communist Romania, humor


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