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Seeking the H Zone: How we mix media messages to create compatible community in the emerging papyrus society

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agenda setting, agenda community, vertical media, horizontal media, audiences, public citizens

Agenda setting, priming, framing – TV news in Poland during election campaigns 2005 and 2007. Comparative analysis

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agenda setting, framing, priming, media agenda, public agenda, political agenda

Analiza kontrastywna strategii „agenda setting” w polskim dzienniku „Fakt” i niemieckim „Bild”

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contrastive analysis, strategy of agenda setting, journalism, tabloid

Can the Church use media communication channels? Inherent features of media communication channels relative to religious messages in the media

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media, religion, commerciality, agenda setting, formation

Populism, de-globalization, and media competition: The spiral of noise


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populism, globalization, media economics, agenda setting, media policy


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