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A walk in the public relations field: Theoretical discussions from a social media and network society perspective

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public relations, network society, changes, professionalism, social media

Global public goods, global regulation and development of transition economies – some remarks

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global public goods, global regulation, global financial infrastructure, global climate change, transition economies.

Screening the theories of institutional dynamics in the light of the post-socialist transformation

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institution, evolutionary change, corporate social responsibility, foreign direct investment, Central and Eastern Europe

Crisis of the system of own resources of the European Union and proposals for the future

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financial autonomy of the EU, financial instruments of the EU, own resources system, reform of the budget, traditional own resources – TOR-, VAT resource, GNI resource, taxation principles, candidate for future own resource, problem of election of candidate, numeric valuation, modulated VAT, energy taxation, tax on the climate change, EU corporation income tax

Wymiana informacji między przedsiębiorcami w świetle reguł konkurencji UE

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exchange of information, agreement to exchange of information, horizontal agreements, cartels

Quedar: Entre cambio y permanencia

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Cognitive Grammar, quedar (se), polysemy, Force Dynamics, change, permanence

Centra, hybrydy i zmiana społeczno-dyskursywna

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center-periphery; social and discursive change; genre; textual hybrids, multimodality

Laienlinguistische Sprachempfindensdaten als Grundlage eines soziokulturellen Ansatzes der Untersuchung von Höflichkeitswandel

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politeness change, lay notions of politeness, sociolinguistic approach to politeness, the lay term ‘politeness’

Zmiana treści stosunku pracy mianowanego urzędnika służby cywilnej

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civil servant, appointed employment relationship, unilateral orders, availability, subordination, changes to the employment relationship

Semantic Change in the Domain of Modality: English "must" and Polish "musieć"

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epistemic meaning, deontic meaning, grammaticalisation, subjectification, semantic change

Geneza rynku papierów wartościowych w Polsce

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capital market, emergence of securities markets, Warsaw Stock Exchange

Różnice kursowe w  podatkach dochodowych w  działalności przedsiębiorców

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income taxes, exchange-rate differences, tax expense, tax revenue, foreign currency

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