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Contextualizing and redefining authenticity in organizational communication

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public relations, authenticity, corporate communication, persuasion techniques

Cielesność miasta w powieści Jurgisa Kunčinasa

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Vilnius, Užupis, city-hero, personification, bohemianism

EU structural funds' publicity and the practice of journalism and public relations in Lithuania

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EU structural funds, publicity measures, media, public relations, journalism ethics, advertorials

Motivación y esfuerzo cognitivo en la fraseología idiomática

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phraseology, motivation, idiomacity, comprehension, learnig, cognition

Большая деревня или город особого рода? Русская урбанистика как пример диалога и контрапункта

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urbanism, rusticity, wild nature, Russia — history, Western Europe — history, Bachtin’s principle of dialogue

Jaroslava Rudiša wariacje na temat pewnego miasta

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Berlin, city, literary city guide, underground, restlessness

Pełnomocnictwo w administracyjnym postępowaniu egzekucyjnym

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the power of attorney, administrative enforcement proceedings, formal requirements of the power of attorney in administrative enforcement proceedings, subjective scope of the power of attorney in administrative enforcement proceedings, legal capacity to grant somebody the power of attorney and to act as attorney in administrative enforcement proceedings

Der plurizentrische Ansatz und das DACH-Prinzip in polnischen DaF-Lehrwerken

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Plurizentrizität, plurizentrischer Ansatz, DACH-Prinzip, DACH-Konzept, Lehrwerkanalys, pluricentricity, pluricentric approach, a principle of DACH, a concept of DACH, analysis of textbooke

Savoir historique et fiction romanesque : HHhH de Laurent Binet ou les travers du « je » narratif

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Laurent Binet, HHhH, Operation Anthropoid, Reinhard Heydrich, literarity, literality, invention, veracity, narrating I

Poświadczenie podpisu w postępowaniu administracyjnym

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certification of signatures, authenticity of signatures, official certification of signatures, active participation of a party in administrative proceedings, powers of a public administration agency

Wolny wilkierz manów weichbildu i miasta Zielonej Góry z 1418 roku

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Silesia, the Duchy of Głogów, weichbild of Zielona Góra, city statute, marital common property (bonorum)

Київський палімпсест

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“kievan text”, topos of the city, identity, colonial and post-colonial image, “historicization of space”, „tekst kijowski”, topos miasta, tożsamość, kolonialny i postkolonialny obraz, "historyzacja przestrzeni"

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