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Media effects in a transitional society: Setting the political agenda in the Kosovo elections of 2007

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agenda-setting, Kosovo elections, East European media, media effects, political communication

Setting students’ professional agenda in the classroom

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communication, agenda-setting, university, education and lecturer

Contextualizing and redefining authenticity in organizational communication

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public relations, authenticity, corporate communication, persuasion techniques

The role and functions of government public relations. Lessons from public perceptions of government

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government public relations, government communication, government and public opinion, government performance, evaluation of public relations

Public relations without ethics will face the same fate as propaganda. Research reflections (Case study of PR associations in Poland)

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public relations, ethics, integrated marketing communication, public opinion, propaganda

Nina on the Net. A study of a politician campaigning on social networking sites

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e-campaigning, Late Modernity, Deliberative Democracy, Political Communication, Social Networking Sites

Hungarian party websites and parliamentary elections

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political communication, party websites, new ICTs, elections, communication interactivity

Models of political consulting in Poland, 1989–2009, in a comparative perspective

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Poland, political consulting, political campaign, electoral campaign, political marketing, political communication.

Poláčkowskie ciało — karykatura i empatia

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caricature, empathy, stereotype, communication

Comparing media systems in new democracies: East meets South meets West

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new democracies, transition of media systems, Hallin & Mancini models, comparative political communication

The role of European political parties in closing the communication gap within the European Union. A critical view

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communication gap within the EU, European Communication Policy, European political parties, European public opinion

Press concentration, convergence and innovation: Europe in search of a new communications policy

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press concentration, communications policy, information diversity, freedom of speech, innovation of press industry

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