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Różnice kursowe w  podatkach dochodowych w  działalności przedsiębiorców

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income taxes, exchange-rate differences, tax expense, tax revenue, foreign currency

Możliwości i bariery akcesji Ukrainy do Unii Europejskiej: wybrane aspekty

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akcesja, geopolityczne położenie, korupcja, zróżnicowanie regionalne, accession, geopolitical situation, corruption, regional differences

Texts soaked with culture: The impact of cultural differences on the thematic structure of British and Polish national dailies

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intercultural communication, cultural differences, thematic structure of press news, dimensions of culture, high-context, low-context

Ist die Unterscheidung von Sprache und Zunge im Deutschen berechtigt? Einige Gedanken zu kulturgeprägten lexikalischen Unterschieden in der Interpretation der außersprachlichen Wirklichkeit


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Kultur, Weltinterpretation, sprachliche Unterschiede, culture, image of the world, lexical differences

Morphological similarity and graphological difference


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anxiety, coincidence, comparable, compatible, conception, difference, dynamical, execution, expert, fraudulent, graphological, handwriting, ideation, ideological, opposite, personalization, tendency

Sharp bounds on the expectations of linear combinations of kth records expressed in the Gini mean difference units


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Expectation, Gini mean difference, sharp bound, kth record


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