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Extending our theoretical maps: Psychology of agenda-setting

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agenda-setting, incidental learning, need for orientation, formation and direction of opinions, knowledge activation

Public Service Broadcasting in Latvia: Old images, new user needs and market pressure

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public service broadcasting (PSB), post-communist transformation, media policy, political influence

The role and functions of government public relations. Lessons from public perceptions of government

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government public relations, government communication, government and public opinion, government performance, evaluation of public relations

The role of PR in healthcare and social insurance reform in Poland and the United States

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international PR, healthcare reform, public aff airs, insurance industry, PR methods

Crisis of the system of own resources of the European Union and proposals for the future

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financial autonomy of the EU, financial instruments of the EU, own resources system, reform of the budget, traditional own resources – TOR-, VAT resource, GNI resource, taxation principles, candidate for future own resource, problem of election of candidate, numeric valuation, modulated VAT, energy taxation, tax on the climate change, EU corporation income tax

Засоби досягнення адекватності в перекладі міжурядових польсько-укра- їнських угод

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tłumaczenie adekwatne, transformacja, transpozycja, message tekstu, konceptualna struktura tekstu, adequate translation, transformation, transposition, text’s message, conceptual structure of text

Czy Czech mógłby napisać "Lolitę"?

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erotic literature, body and corporeality, nonconformism, authorship, conventions and the tradition

Tranzicija i figuralno/tekstualno telo u vizuelnoj umetnosti i poeziji: Tanja Ostojić i Ažinova škola poezije i teorije

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experimental poetry, globalism, performance art, text, body, transition

Fantastička preobraženja tela u erotskoj prozi savremenih slovenskih autora (Viničuk, Jastrun, Aćin, Goralik i Kuznjecov)

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erotic literature, fantastic Slavic literature, sex, metaphor, desire, fantastic body, animal body, human body, transformations, demonic desire

Телесните жестове и техният контекст в съвременната българска лирика

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contemporary Bulgarian poetry, corporeality, transformation of the literary paradigm

ICT and local governance — e-government in the local public sphere in Poland and Norway

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local government, ICT, community, democracy, information; participation

Ciało spolonizowane. Blade twarze na Podolu w powieści Anatola Swydnyćkiego

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Anatol Svydnytsky, Ukrainian culture, Polish colonialism, body transformation, anti-colonialism

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