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The agenda-setting process in international news

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international news, agenda-setting, framing

Agenda setting, priming, framing – TV news in Poland during election campaigns 2005 and 2007. Comparative analysis

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agenda setting, framing, priming, media agenda, public agenda, political agenda

Ability to spot and resist manipulated media news about international affairs: Does political knowledge provide it?

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manipulated media information, framing, political knowledge, media trust, the Orange Revolution

Other-projected environmental image: A conceptual framework

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conceptual framework, deductive content analysis, environmental image, generic frames, inductive framing analysis

The outsiders looking in!: EU and diaspora journalists’ reflections on journalistic roles in British press coverage of the EU Referendum


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professional ideology, role conceptions, production practice, EU referendum, framing

Nuclear media discourses after the closure of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant: Is the game over?


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critical discourse analysis, Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, media framing, media news portals, nuclear discourse, nuclear media discourse, text mining, Visaginas


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