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Extending our theoretical maps: Psychology of agenda-setting

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agenda-setting, incidental learning, need for orientation, formation and direction of opinions, knowledge activation

The role and functions of government public relations. Lessons from public perceptions of government

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government public relations, government communication, government and public opinion, government performance, evaluation of public relations

Public relations without ethics will face the same fate as propaganda. Research reflections (Case study of PR associations in Poland)

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public relations, ethics, integrated marketing communication, public opinion, propaganda

Communicating with citizens? Representations of public opinion in Polish public discourse

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public opinion, democracy, media, representations

The role of European political parties in closing the communication gap within the European Union. A critical view

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communication gap within the EU, European Communication Policy, European political parties, European public opinion

Uwagi w sprawie uzyskiwania opinii o stanie zdrowia psychicznego sprawców przestępstw w toku postępowania karnego

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giving opinions, court experts — psychiatrists, state of mental health, insanity

Artykuł publicystyczny w tygodnikach społeczno-politycznych. O kilku dualizmach

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feature article, feature journalism, style, arguability, temporality, abstractness, concreteness, socio-political journal, opinion journal, artykuł publicystyczny, publicystyka, styl, argumentacyjność, temporalność, abstrakcyjność, konkretność, tygodnik społeczno-polityczny, tygodnik opinii

Obligatoryjne odroczenie wykonania kary ze względu na stan zdrowia skazanego

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obligatory postponement, mental disease, sentence of imprisonment, opinion of the expert witness

Podstawowe założenia metody graficzno-porównawczej stosowanej w ramach badań pismoznawczych w Polsce

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handwriting research, expert study, opinion, comparative material, identification features of handwriting, expert opinion, diagnostic value of a handwriting opinion

Przegląd metod badawczych wykorzystywanych w badaniach pisma ręcznego w Polsce

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handwriting, handwriting research methods, expert study, expert opinion, long texts, short texts, signatures

The scope and limit for the development of corporate social responsibility in the Baltic States as a strategy of corporate communication

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corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate communication, Baltic States, consumers, stakeholders, opinion leaders

The importance of “contextual intelligence” in political leadership audience perception

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political leadership, contextual intelligence, priming, public opinion, local elections, political communication

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