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Mission (im)possible. The case of Lithuanian Public Service Broadcasting

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audiovisual media, public service, Lithuanian Radio and Television, management, funding

What will be the future for Local Broadcasting in Norway?

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local radio, local TV, new media, broadcasting, WEB TV, Internet, society, glocalization, globalization

Radio ombudsman services of Brazilian Public Radio (EBC) as media accountability instruments

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media accountability, ombudsman, public broadcasting, radio

Radio jako narzędzie zdobywania władzy (kampania prezydencka 2010)

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radio, broadcasting, Polish Radio, election campaign, presidential campaign, elections

Time for community media in Central and Eastern Europe

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community media, community radio, radio, media in CEE, third sector of broadcasting, broadcast media

Organizacja oraz finansowanie publicznego radia i telewizji w Republice Federalnej Niemiec


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radio broadcasting, television, public mission, state contract, public-law institution, radio board, administrative board, authorizing officer, fee, contribution, radiofonia, telewizja, misja publiczna, umowa państwowa, zakład publicznoprawny, rada radiofonii, rada administracyjna, intendent, opłata, składka

Public radio and the problem of demographic change. The presenters’ perspective on senior citizens’ well-being factors in Polish Radio programmes


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demographics, public radio, social inclusion, senior citizens, well-being, audial communication


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