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Russian TV market: Between state supervision, commercial logic and simulacrum of public service

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state television, broadcasting, power, state and social control, state ownership, state regulation, homogenization of TV content

Global public goods, global regulation and development of transition economies – some remarks

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global public goods, global regulation, global financial infrastructure, global climate change, transition economies.

Usługi w ogólnym interesie gospodarczym a wspólnotowe reguły konkurencji

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services on general economic interest, regulations, liberalisation of post and energy sectors, EC competition law

Television: the challenges of pluralism to media regulation

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Television, freedom of expression, EU audiovisual policies, pluralism, media regulation

Public service market? Commercial activities of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)

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Norway, public service broadcasting, commercial, media regulation, law

Of Polish politicians and (their) media. The pursuit of regulatory agency independence in Polish media law and practice

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media, broadcasting, regulation, independence, Poland, politics

The country of origin principle and competition among national regulatory régimes in East Central Europe

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EC media regulation, country of origin principle, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian media regulation

EU regulatory framework and the political economy of terrestrial digitalisation in Slovakia Contributors' biographies

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EU, terrestrial television digitalisation, political and economic infl uences, regulation of ownership and competition, deregulation, digital law, Slovakia, Czech Republic

Polski system medialny w globalnej przestrzeni nowych technologii

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media, globalization, digitalization, regulation, Polish media system

Innowacyjne instrumenty odpowiedzialności mediów w wybranych europejskich systemach medialnych

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deontology of media, self-regulation of media, Media Accountability Systems, Internet, innovative instruments of media accountability

Intangible assets in industrial enterprises of Ukraine: The problem of recognition in financial reporting

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accounting, property rights, intellectual property rights, intangible assets, government policy and regulation, rachunkowość, prawa własności, prawa własności intelektualnej, wartości niematerialne i prawne, polityki rządu i rozporządzenie

Les privatisations en Turquie: un regard critique

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entreprises économiques d’État, privatisation, dérégulation, régulation, capital étranger

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