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Marketing relacji na rynku usług zdrowotnych w świetle badań przeprowadzonych w 2013 r. na terenie Dolnego Śląska

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rynek usług zdrowotnych, marketing relacji, etyka w ochronie zdrowia, usługa zdrowotna, jakość obsługi pacjentów, jakość usług zdrowotnych, health care industry, relationship marketing, ethics in health care, health service, quality of patients care, quality of medical service

Bezwzględny zakaz reklamy kancelarii adwokackich w realiach współczesnego funkcjonowania rynku usług prawniczych


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legal services marketing, relationship marketing, advertising, public relationsAN ABSOLUTE BAN ON THE ADVERTISING OF LAWYER’S OFFICES IN THE REALITIES OF THE CONTEMPORARY FUNCTIONING OF THE LEGAL SERVICES MARKET Running a lawyer’s office in the current realities of the legal services market is a challenge. An advocate must possess not only legal knowledge but also demonstrate knowledge of market mechanisms. Nowadays, the client decides which lawyer to choose, and this forces lawyers to take action in order to acquire and maintain clients. Hence, marketing instruments (typical for other service markets) are increasingly used to build and achieve market advantage. However, there are numerous barriers on the legal services market that hinder or even prevent extensive marketing activities. Advertising is the main concern here, as its use by attorneys is strictly prohibited. The question arises as to whether in the present reality the provision contained in the Collection of Rules on Barrister’s Ethics and Dignity of Profession and other regulations limiting the use of marketing should not be subject to liberalization.


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