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Public relations in society. A new approach to the difficult relationships between PR and its environment

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system theory, legitimacy, reference group

Public relations and trust in contemporary global society: A Luhmannian perspective of the role of public relations in enhancing trust among social systems

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public relations, organic theory of public relations, systems theory, Luhmann, trust, contemporary society, metastrategy

Crisis of the system of own resources of the European Union and proposals for the future

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financial autonomy of the EU, financial instruments of the EU, own resources system, reform of the budget, traditional own resources – TOR-, VAT resource, GNI resource, taxation principles, candidate for future own resource, problem of election of candidate, numeric valuation, modulated VAT, energy taxation, tax on the climate change, EU corporation income tax

System edukacji jako czynnik konkurencyjności gospodarek Unii Europejskiej

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competitiveness, education system, models of economic growth, endogenous economic growth, innovation

Ciało w kulcie pamiętane. Serbskie (siedemnastowieczne) projekcje literackie

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body, cult, tradition, holiness, cultural system, literary projections, sign, memory, identity, seventeenth century, the Turkish occupation

Jak podobne? Jak różne? Dzienniki tabloidowe w odmiennych systemach medialnych

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tabloid, media systems, democracy, journalism

Recreating journalism after censorship. Generational shifts and professional ambiguities among journalists after changes in the political systems

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press history, comparative approach, press freedom, censorship, Norway, Estonia, Soviet press system, transition

Comparing media systems in new democracies: East meets South meets West

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new democracies, transition of media systems, Hallin & Mancini models, comparative political communication

Comparing Nordic media systems: North between West and East?

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Nordic media, media systems, liberalization, hybridization, media policy

Party system and media in Poland after 1989

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Poland, political parties, party system, media, cartelization

Kontrastive Analyse semantischer Merkmale von Vergangenheitstempora im Deutschen und Albanischen

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Tempussystem, semantische Merkmale, Vergangenheitstempora, Übersetzung, literarische Texte, Deutsch, Albanisch, Aktionsart, Iterativität, imperfektisch, aoristisch, tense system, semantic features, past tenses, translation, literary texts, German, Albanian, modality of action development, iterativity, imperfect, aorist

Rola państwa w gospodarce rynkowej. Stany Zjednoczone–Niemcy–Japonia

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market economy system, government, government efficiency, competitiveness

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