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Божанска Уметност Телесног

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cultural reading of the body, Eros, Pornos, de Sade, folklore erotic tradition, postmodernism

Визуальная поэтика женского тела у Александра Блока и сред- невековый канон красоты

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visionarism, visual poetics, symbolization of body, medieval cannon, and spirituality of the body

Ciało jako pretekst do rozważań ogólniejszych w poezji Wisławy Szymborskiej

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motif of the body, poetry of Wisława Szymborska, alienation of women in their own body, otherness of a human being in the world of living beings, body as an innocent object of oppression

Обнаженное мужское тело в пластическом дискурсе Кузьмы Петрова-Водкина

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Petrov-Vodkin, drawing, painting, figures of naked boys, male body structure, plastic gesture, pose, dynamics of the body, the motif of bathing, boys’ games and plays

She tells a story about the end of the world. Literary images of the war experience in contemporary Croatian female prose

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trauma, post-war narratives, female literature, the body, stylistics, trauma, posljeratne naracije, žensko pismo, tijelo, stil

Tелесно-тактильный код как способ чувственного восприятия мира в поэзии русской эмиграции 1920–1940-х годов

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poetry of the Russian emigration, the body and haptic code, haptics, religious tradition, artistic synesthesia, ясновидение, литература, оккультизм, сверхчувства, Серебряный век

Time Capsule Eduardo Kaca jako eksperymentalna analiza polityki ciała w społeczeństwie kontroli

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the body as information, body policy, bioinformatics, super vision, control, identity

Ciało zbrodniarza. Wizualne reprezentacje procesu i egzekucji Arthura Greisera


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war criminal, visual representations, body of the perpetrator, public discourse, subjugating the body, magical imagination


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