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Tom 3 Nr 2: Fall 2010

Extending our theoretical maps: Psychology of agenda-setting

  • Maxwell McCombs
stycznia 1, 2010


Extending our theoretical maps: Psychology of agenda-setting


Two aspects of the psychology of agenda-setting are discussed, the social psychology of academic research and contemporary research extending our theoretical knowledge about the psychology of the agenda-setting process. To counter academic conservatism regarding new applications of agenda-setting theory, distinctions are made between concepts, domains and settings. A major trend in contemporary research on the psychology of agenda-setting is the explication of the theory’s basic concepts. This research includes the impact of incidental learning and the visual content in TV news on first-level and second-level agenda-setting effects, respectively, an expanded set of measures for the concept of need for orientation, and the consequences of agenda-setting effects for the formation of opinions and both priming and attribute priming of the affective dimension of opinions.