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Tom 10 Nr 1: Spring 2017

Distributed gatekeeping. Uncovering the patterns of linking behaviors on Facebook

  • Wojciech Walczak
  • Krzysztof Olechnicki
  • Michał Meina
marca 30, 2017


Based on an analysis of 770,269 links posted by 1,969 Polish Facebook users, the present article investigates how the users’ characteristics influence their link-sharing behaviors, and how these characteristics are related to social rewards received for posting links. Male users, older ones and inhabitants of larger cities tend to link more to politics-related news they also receive more social feedback for doing that while female users, younger ones and inhabitants of smaller locations tend to link more to entertainment-related sites. The cluster analysis of linking strategies of Facebook users suggests that the most common behavior is to provide a mixture of news and entertainment-related links, although pure “news-keeper” and “entertainment-keeper” types of users are distinguishable.