• Profile of public relations practitioners in Poland: Research results

Profile of public relations practitioners in Poland: Research results

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/1899-5101.12.3(24).5
Dariusz Tworzydło
Google Scholar Dariusz Tworzydło
Przemysław Szuba
Google Scholar Przemysław Szuba
Norbert Życzyński
Google Scholar Norbert Życzyński


The article is a summary of three quantitative research projects carried out in the years 2017–2018 taking into account a set of analogous questions. Their collective aggregation allows the attempt to present the profile of a Polish PR specialist with the indication of the main activities undertaken while performing daily professional duties. The research has shown that media relations and e-PR play a key role in everyday professional work. Nevertheless, a PR specialist in Poland has to deal with many task areas, which are often related to the dynamic development of new technologies, such as relations with influencers. In the analyses, the key diagnostic element was the measurement of professional experience and information regarding employment aspects. Respondents constituted both specialists working in PR agencies as well as in other domestic companies and institutions. The article contains a list of activities presented in statistical terms that are related to work in the PR industry.

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