Zaczarowanie świata na przykładzie „East Side Story” Igora Grubića. Lekcja z estetyki performatywności


  • Anna Dzierżyc-Horniak

Słowa kluczowe:

estetyka performatywności, performans, przedstawienie, autopojetyczna pętla feedbacku


Enchanting the world on the example of East Side Story by Igor Grubić. A lesson on the aesthetics of performativeness.

In her The Transformative Power of Performance. A New Aesthetics Erika Fischer-Lichte argues that everything which happens in a performance can be described as a repeated enchanting of the world and transformation of all the participants of the event. The text is an attempt to consider the videoinstallation East Side Story by Igor Grubić exactly from this perspective. It discusses key concept categories utilized by the German theatre researcher, and at the same time undertakes an attempt to fit them into the installation of the Chroatian artist. The analysis points out to the bodily co-presence of the actors and the viewers, the performative production of materiality of the performance and the way in which the performance becomes an event.  Questions were asked about a performance live as opposed to a mediated performance.






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