De- i re-mitologizacje


Słowa kluczowe:

mit sztuki, paradygmat sztuki, de- i re-mitologizacje sztuki, kultura/popkultura/kontrkultura, art myth, art paradigm, de and re mythicization of art, culture/pop culture/counterculture


De- and Re-Mythicization

Not only light escapes our reflections, wandering about the term wave and the term particle. Also arts, which present the world as it if was mysterious and worth living, escape our intellectual order. They bolt from subtle conceptual webs, wander between patterns of discoveries a “discovery” of perspective in renaissance and designs drafts, projects of inventions “inventing” photography, and then putting it in motion and giving it sound. They bolt, wandering between myths, of which two are most important for arts – the myth of renaissance, i.e. resurrection but at the same time, liberation, and myth of counterculture i.e. liberation but at the same time, resurrection. Mythicization, demythologization and remythologization sail between two para-myths, i.e. paradigms, mothers of all performance art myths. It is about a discovery myth, which will inspire us to dream up plans for the future, and a myth of invention, which will save us from annoying slavery.






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