Artysta w kręgu mitów późnej nowoczesności


  • Zbigniew Władysław Solski

Słowa kluczowe:

późna nowoczesność, mit poznawalności świata, mit nieśmiertelności, late modernity, the myth about acquiring the knowledge of the world, immortality myth


The Artist in The Circle of Myth of Late Modernity

The author – referencing the thought by Chantal Delsol – uses the term “late modernity”, recognizing in subsequent after-the-Enlightenment periods subsequent phases of modernity. Among countless myths of after-modernity he chose two: about acquiring the knowledge of the world and immortality, which, in his opinion, influenced the condition of a modern artist in the strongest way. In conclusions the author notices that the biggest weakness of modernity in contrary to its self-assessment is impossibility to build a consistent image of reality, which is a result of lack of originality. Creators of modern culture specialized in theft of ideas of their predecessors, and out of context foreign fragment may be presented by them as a fruit of their own reflections. The weakness of modernity, displaying in its morbid tendency to reduction, became its strength: it is impossible to build a whole from the fragments, but with small fragments a whole may be infected. The success of modernity turned out to be, then, a success of a virus spreading from period to period.






Artykuły [1054]