Autokreacja jako zamazanie umysłu


  • Ewa Bobrowska

Słowa kluczowe:

autokreacja, autoportret, samoświadomość, sceptycyzm, de Man, sztuka, self-creation, self-portrait, self-awareness, skepticism, art


Self-Creation as Blurring of The Mind

The analysis in the text presented concerns the phenomenon of self-creation and self-perception, referring Paul de Man’s contemplations in the Autobiography as De-facement study, as well as early monography by Emmanuel Levinas, From Existence to Existents. Self-creational and autobi-ographical statement or action reveal moments in which a certain multithreading is exposed, a tear, which becomes a basis for the analysis of works by Chuck Close, Yves Klein, Cy Twombly and Marina Abramović. Self-perception and self-introspection lay at grassroots of thinking and artistic creativity, and in a way also self-mythology of solipsistic ego. By creating a self-portrait the artist duels oneself in a most difficult self-creative clash. Impersonal “I” as another form of revealing “I”, it exposes through, among others, vigil and insomnia as a particular state of mind, similar to de Man’s “blurring” of the mind described by me.






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