Recenzja: Andrzej Friszke, Anatomia buntu. Kuroń, Modzelewski i komandosi, Znak, Kraków 2010, s. 912


  • Jan Olaszek


According to Andrzej Olaszek the book by Andrzej Friszke, Anatomia buntu. Kuroń, Modzelewski i komandosi The Anatomy of a Revolt: Kuroń, Modzelewski and the ‘Commandos’; Cracow, 2010 ranks among the most important studies on the history of political opposition in communist Poland. The monograph is based on the acts of the former Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, kept at the archives of the Institute of National Remembrance, and recently opened to the historians. These documents, similarly as the archives of the central authorities of the Polish communist party rendered accessible to the historians previously, allow not only for a more thorough study, but disclose the attitudes of the regime vis–a–vis the opposition, and the measures undertaken against it. These acts are an important enlargement of the source materials previously utilized, which encompassed chiefly reports and recollections of the oppositionists and printed materials. Olaszek stresses that the author of the monograph carefully weighs his data coming from both sides, which increase our knowledge of the democratic opposition, but does not allow himself to be overpowered by the perspective of the police acts.






Artykuły Recenzyjne, Recenzje, Noty Recenzyjne [18]