Okoliczności zmiany polityki papieża Klemensa V wobec sprawy templariuszy na przełomie 1307 i 1308 r.


  • Magdalena Satora

Słowa kluczowe:

papież Klemens V, templariusze


The Change in the Policies of Pope Clement V vis–a–vis the Templars 1307/1308


The author undertakes to determine the reasons of the changes in the attitude of Pope Clement V 1305–1314 towards the Knights Templar during the last months of 1307 and the beginning of 1308. At the beginning, the pope was protesting against the seizure of the members of the order by King Philip the Fair 1285–1314 of France. But in November 1307 the pope himself ordered the arrest of the Templar Knights by all Christian monarchs. Still, at the beginning of the following year, he decided that the investigation against the order should be suspended. Many contemporary historians are of the opinion that these inconsistent moves were the result of pressures exerted at the papal curia by the French king and the attempts of the pontiff to free himself of the unwelcome influence.According to Satora the real motives of these changes were different: the pope was interested in as rapid as possible explanation of the case because the Templar issue hindered the organising of the planned crusade. Apart from that Satora recognises the influence of the cardinals, who were the closest collaborators of the pope.