Tom 40 (2021)

Überlegungen zur Aussprachebewusstheit im Kontext der Fremdsprachenvermittlung

Beata Grzeszczakowska-Pawlikowska

Strony: 31-39



Multilingualism at the European or worldwide level is related to the need for changing the perception of foreign language teaching and learning. As a result, the concept of language awareness has been given a high priority. It implies the reflection on the language elements and their functions – language comparisons on the one hand, and the interdisciplinary sensitivisation for languages with the inclusion of language curiosity, etc. on the other. At the same time, the concept of language awareness plays a significant role in the field of tertiary language didactics, such as teaching German after English. With that in mind, this article presents in-depth reflections about the consciousness of pronunciation aspects and their multidimensional character.