Tom 31 (2012)

Analiza kontrastywna strategii „agenda setting” w polskim dzienniku „Fakt” i niemieckim „Bild”

Strony: 23 - 36



The contrastive analysis of the strategies of agenda setting in the Polish newspaper “Fakt” and the German “Bild”

The aim of this article is to present the results of a contrastive analysis of the strategies of agenda setting on the first pages of two tabloids issued by Axel Springer Verlag: a Polish one – “Fakt” and a German one – “Bild.” The analysis has been conducted in order to prove or disprove the thesis that the Polish newspaper is even more tabloid-like than its German prototype. The research material has been excerpted from nine random issues of each newspaper published in the period of 10–30 March 2012. The analysis comprises three criteria adopted from the model of the process of agenda setting developed by Pyzikowska 2001:77. These are: the choice of news according to the standards of journalism, the type of history and the grade of emphasis. According to the analysis, “Fakt” shows a visibly greater contamination of the features of a tabloid, although they are apparent in both newspapers.