Tom 31 (2012)

Bediener-, bedienungs-, bedienfreundlich: Zu Wortbildungen mit dem Zweitglied -freundlich

Petra Szatmári

Strony: 89 - 116



Bediener-, bedienungs-, bedienfreundlich: Word-formation with the adjectival second element -freundlich

The present article deals with the various paradigmatic relations of productive adjectival second elements like -freundlich. Based on a corpus, it gives a description of the morphological, syntactic and semantic properties of the adjectival word-formation with the adjectival second element -freundlich. The author deems it important to highlight the complementary distribution of these relations for different user groups – such as teachers and translators –, e.g. menschfreundliche/menschengerechte/ menschenwürdige/*menschliche Gestaltung von Arbeitsplätzen ↔ menschfreundliche/menschengerechte/menschenwürdige/menschliche Behandlung; menschenfreundlich/menschenwürdig/menschengerecht/menschlich untergebracht. The same applies to the antonymic relations of these word-formations. Another reason for keeping the focus on productive adjectival second elements is that they also serve as a model for word-formation in other languages. Parallel studies monitoring corresponding phenomena in these languages would also be of great value.