Dziewiętnastowieczna odsłona Owidiuszowej topiki wygnania w twórczości Gustawa Zielińskiego


  • Joanna Klausa-Wartacz


Nineteenth-century reference to the Ovid’s motif of exile in the poetry of Gustaw Zieliński


Ovid became one of the most famous poets at the court of Octavian Augustus, but his poetry treated about topics different from Horace’s or Vergil’s one. He did not want to write pro-government elegies as the other great poets did. Even though he was exceptionally talented, it did not protect him from exile, because he was in bad relations with Octavian Augustus and the emperor did not like poetry written by Ovid. In any case, his tragic situation turned out to be very interesting for worldwide literature. In his elegies and poetic letters, which were written during Ovid’s exile in Tomis, Ovid made a portrait of auto-mythologization with lots of elements which are invoked in works of other poets, especially in romantic poetry written by Gustaw Zieliński.






Artykuły [1039]