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Tom 26 (2016): Kulturowe uwarunkowania zachowań językowych — tradycja i zmiana

Wartości w języku biznesu: nowe znaczenia. Analiza wybranych przykładów

  • Marek Kochan
22 lutego 2017


Values in the business language: New meanings. The analysis based on selected examples

The topic of this article is the usage in business language of seven particular words describing values or positively evaluated in this language morality, sensitivity, excellence, loyalty, sentiment, execution, aggressive. The major part of the paper is dedicated to adetailed comparative analysis of these new meanings, based on the variety of examples taken from the Polish business language. The meanings of these words, as observed in business language, vary greatly as noted based on five Polish language dictionaries published in the 21st century, used for comparison. In most cases those new meanings of the examined words are not mentioned in the analysed dictionaries. In the final section of the text the author comments on the values discourse in business language operational dimension, utility approach, ambition to measure and control the values, potential influence of value-words as used in business language on the common Polish language as well as the question whether these new meanings should be included in Polish language dictionaries.