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Tom 26 (2016): Kulturowe uwarunkowania zachowań językowych — tradycja i zmiana

O kilku innowacyjnych sposobach językowego ujęcia relacji „homo–animal” w mowie współczesnych miłośników zwierząt

  • Aneta Wysocka
22 lutego 2017


A few innovative ways of speaking about homo-animal relationships by contemporary animal lovers

The study concerns the communication habits of animal lovers, considered against the background of the linguistic picture of the world, which is generally anthropocentric. The research material are comments posted on hobby websites. The analyses allowed the author to observe the active, reflective and critical attitude of many representatives of the community towards linguistic conventions. Its members attempt a dialogue with the tradition by using innovative expressions of people in relation to animals and animals in relation to people, new ways on naming the process of teaching the animal, as well as its death. However, the texts that speak of the latter case revealed the same need, which had a profound impact on the image of living beings in general Polish language — the imperative to distinguish between what is considered to be specifically human and that which is common throughout nature.