• Logos metody filozoficznej w protagorasie Platona

Logos metody filozoficznej w protagorasie Platona

Mikołaj Domaradzki
Google Scholar Mikołaj Domaradzki
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The logos of philosophical metgod in Plato's Protagoras 


The article suggests that the Protagoras could be read as an exposition of a particular model of philosophy. On this account, the dialogue appears to equate philosophy with rational discussion. Obviously, the Protagoras does treat of the teachability of virtue, but the major problem that seems to occupy Plato in the dialogue is the idea that philosophy is a rational exchange of opinions. That is why the confrontation between Socrates and Protagoras ends neither in the philosopher's prevalence over the sophist nor the other way round. For similar reason, Socrates seems at times to transform into Protagoras, while the sophist may occasionally sound more like his opponent. The rationale behind these strange developments is that the genuine protagonist of the dialogue is logos as the epitome of philosophical method proper. Thus, the philosophical method of a dialectical conversation triumphs over the sophistic monologue. The philosophical dialogue between Socrates and Protagoras yields no definitive result, for it is supposed to show that the only legitimate guide in life is reason which transpires to be the measure of all opinions.


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