Topologia jako zagadnienie dla historii filozofii nauki


  • Thomas Mormann


Topology as an Issue for History of Philosophy of Science

Since antiquity well into the beginnings of the 20th century geometry was a central topic for philosophy. In contrast, most philosophers of science, if they took notice of topology at all, considered it as an abstruse subdiscipline of mathematics lacking philosophical inter est. Here it is argued that this neglect of topology may be conceived of as the sign of a conceptual sea-change in philosophy of science that expelled geometry, and, more generally, mathematics, from its central position in philosophy of science and, instead, placed logic at center stage in the 20th century philosophy of science. Only in recent decades logic has begun to loose its monopoly and geometry and topology received a new chance to fi nd a place in philosophy of science, as an object for philosophical reflection and as a conceptual tool for doing philosophy.