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Tom 4 (2011): Tabloidy — język, wartości, obraz świata

Wybrane wyznaczniki stylu tabloidów (na podstawie pierwszych stron gazet)

  • Magdalena Wojdyła
1 stycznia 2011


Selected features of the tabloid style based on the front pages of the newspapers

In defining tabloids, the scholars suggest a number of features, most important of which are the content, form and style. The content may be characterized by the limited space for hard news replaced by the softer news, focus on entertainment and relatively low interest in foreign affairs. The formal aspect is reflected in a growing role of image at the expense of verbal message as well as changes in headlines and the language, which becomes concise, sensational, emotional and colloquial. The key elements of style include scandalization, personalization and simplification of axiology. The paper is aimed at analysing the mentioned features of the style of Polish tabloids — “Super Express” and “Fakt.” The presented analysis is based on thematic content.