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Analizy i studia przypadków

Tom 4 (2011): Tabloidy — język, wartości, obraz świata

Wizerunek celebryty w polskiej prasie tabloidowej

  • Katarzyna Hołojda
1 stycznia 2011


Celebrity’s image in the Polish tabloid press

In the tabloid press a significant role is played by established and functioning celebrities’ images. The purpose of this analysis was to attempt to discover the mechanisms of the construction, processing and communication of these images by the tabloids existing in the Polish media. In the ideal situation the image should be the same as the identity. The confrontation between the celebrities’ image and identity was important as well. Based on the analysis of articles about Doda within a period of two months from 1 March 2009 to 30 April 2009 a scheme of her image in tabloids was created, which consisted of myths created by the specific lexemes often repeated in the same contexts. Thus arose the myths: “Doda — the queen,” “Doda ordinary and Polish,” “Doda — the fashion designer,” “Doda quarrelsome” and “Doda — the singer.” Doda has not appeared in tabloids beyond such broadly constructed categories. Doda’s image, which can be read on this basis, however, is not entirely coherent. Despite the fact that it slightly deviates from the celebrity’s identity. As a source of knowledge about the celebrity’s identity her official website was used. Conclusions drawn on the basis of the analysis of articles about Doda can be extended to the whole area of the functioning of all celebrities in Polish tabloids. The most important mechanism is very simple — it is based on the repetition of the same ordinary lexemes and phrases defining a celebrity. Celebrities’ images arise from taking into account the needs of customers whose demands are not clear. Tabloids’ readers at the same time expect rumors of rich, ideal life of stars and confirmation that celebrities are as ordinary as they are. Polish tabloid press acts as a stabilizer. It is conservative and uncontested to maintain society and bring it relief emotional discharge. It is not a news medium, but entertaining. Therefore, in the tabloid press there may lawfully function even seemingly conflicting celebrities’ images.