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Rozprawy i artykuły

Tom 6 (2013): Język władzy

Artykuł publicystyczny w tygodnikach społeczno-politycznych. O kilku dualizmach

  • Agnieszka Kula
2 lipca 2014


Feature articles in socio-political journals. On some dualisms

Texts dealing with power or the government can be found in modern journals and newspapers almost everyday; they differ in terms of genre, function, style and pragmatics. Socio-political journals are among important sources of such articles; they are frequently categorised as a rather homogeneous group e.g. in research on readership or in media studies, which nevertheless construct, as I demonstrate in my analyses, messages which are the result of completely different interpretations of the art of feature journalism. In this paper I analyse the feature article as a classic genre, considered by both theorists and practitioners to be the most typical form of feature journalism. Properties of feature articles can be arranged by means of several distinctive dualisms indicating certain compositional, textual and stylistic links temporality-arguability, private perspective-public perspective, the specific-the abstract.