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Analizy i studia przypadków

Tom 8 (2015): Wojna, język, pamięć

Za kulisami wojny i pokoju (1914–1945). Z pamiętnikarskiej narracji polskiego dyplomaty i publicysty Jana Stanisława Łosia

  • Sylwia Wójtowicz
10 sierpnia 2018


The aim of the article is to familiarize the reader with a colorful memoir of Jan Stanislaw Los, a professor of ancient history who takes the reader behind the scenes of both world wars and fragile peace. The peace that requires many diplomatic efforts, constant strengthening and stabilization. In the interwar period, the author was known as an active politician of the conservative party and a publicist who commented a lot on the political scene of that time. Political commitment, noble descent and appropriate education gave him an excellent ability to witness important decisions that were made as well as events which affected the fate of Poland and Europe over the period indicated above. He knew personally many local and foreign politicians whose characters are recalled on the pages of memories. As an expert in ancient history, he was able to appraise the mechanisms of power, its successes and failures in the context of historical process. Memories arose in the 1970s, i.e. at the end of the author’s life. By writing down the memories he decided to leave the posterity of a long-gone era, the era about which there were many negative myths and stereotypes in the post-war period. Trying to correctly reflect the atmosphere prevailing behind the scenes of war and peace, the author also disproves positive stereotypes and myths, can critically evaluate the discussed reality. The reading in question fulfills the form of a personal document, also called the ego-document, and forms the part of the centuries-old tradition of Polish memoiristics.