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Tom 10 (2017): Obrazy wojny w mediach, pamięci i języku

Odgłosy wojny w przekazach prasowych i literackich

  • Piotr Kładoczny
15 listopada 2018


Echoes of war in press and literary accounts

The article is devoted to the names of the sounds whose purpose was to describe the hearing of the war in press and literary texts. There are generic names sound, detonation explosives, the sound of strokes, the sounds of people, and the definition of silence in the texts. The research material allows to distinguish three types of wars: a the modern with the sounds of aircraft and other equipment and explosions of bombs; b the old war with the sounds of the weapons, the screams of people and the sounds of animals, and c the war in the future — cosmic and yet not fully documented.
The literary text describes more different situations, including more vocabulary and adjective terms. Press releases, albeit more numerous, have a lower number of different sound names and more modest adjectives.