• Архаїчні ойконіми на *‑j(ь): ареал і хронологія XV–ХХ ст.

Архаїчні ойконіми на *‑j(ь): ареал і хронологія XV–ХХ ст.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0474-1471.31.2
Zorjana Kupchynska
Google Scholar Zorjana Kupchynska


The author of the article examines the area with places with names featuring the archaic suffix *-jь located within the borders of present-day Ukraine between the 15th and the 20th century. This general conclusion has been known for a long time because the oikonyms *-jь, *-ja, *-je in Slavic countries, including Ukraine, have been studied since the 19th century. Authors of such studies have explained the origins and structure of the various names, which are not easy to interpret on account of phonetic changes. However, knowledge of this group of oikonyms is insufficient in Ukraine, hence the idea of their detailed study and presentation on maps.

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