Dziedzictwo onomastyczne Stanisława Rosponda a współczesna onomastyka


  • Robert Mrózek


Stanisław Rospond’s onomastic heritage and contemporary onomastics


Heritage of Stanisław Rospond’s onomastic school creatively based on concepts and methods of structural linguistics together with the whole absorbed terminological background became a crucial and lasting link in the development of Polish and Slavonic onomastics. Currently this development is determined by conduction of new research dictated by changing social-linguistic and communicative reality irrespective of constant construction of theoretical and methodological basics. This reality is influenced among others by globalisation-based trends and brings both new elements and new subjects of analysis and interpretation to the reflection on the proprial sphere of the language. While blending into a new geopolitical and civilisation-based situation of the World integrated in a period of tendencies towards unification of the language communication and internationalisation of onomastics and multifunctional borrowings of names, onomastic models and its components, tasks of onomastics must follow dynamics of communicative and language changes as well as onimic, transonimic and exonimic transformations. Applied research methods should thus be of a cumulative nature, i.e. should combine communicative, socioonomastic and cognitive approaches.