Słowiański atlas onomastyczny — dawniej i dziś


  • Ewa Jakus-Borkowa
  • Krystyna Nowik


Slavic Onomastic Atlas SOA. Yesterday and today


The idea to draw up SOA materialized in 1959 during the IV International Slavic Congress in Moscow chaired by professor V. Šmilauer. During the conference in Wrocław in 1970 it was agreed that research would be conducted in three centres: in Prague where under supervision of V. Šmilauer microtypes from lexical basis were mapped in Wrocław where under supervision of Stanisław Rospond word formation microtypes were mapped and in Bratislava where under supervision of V. Blanár issues related to stratigraphy and mapping of anthroponyms were dealt with. Various problems led to a situation where the SOA sub-commission limited the material only to oiconyms and analysis of their structures. Work was enlivened again between 1983 and 1986, which led to preparation of so called “questionnaire” Strukturtypen der slawischen Ortsnamen. Strukturní typy slovanské oikonymie, in which all formants and word formation units known from Polish, Czech, Lusatian and Slovak oiconymy were gathered. Also an updated concept of a structure of geographical names was drawn up. Unfortunately irrespective of preparation of a test book in 1993 the pace of work weakened again and it became more and more obvious that preparation of a Slavic atlas remains impossible without prior preparation of national oiconymies. Nevertheless, long-term work undertaken in various centres led to preparation of numerous monographs and studies both comprehensive and material-based, national and comparative in the area of toponymic word formation.