Współczesne polskie imiona, kontynuujące staropolskie dwuczłonowe imiona osobowe ciąg alfabetyczny: L–M


  • Edward Breza


Contemporary Polish names continuing Old Polish compound personal names alphabetical sequence L–M


Old Polish compound names referred to proto-Indo-European and Semitic names-sentences and contained wishes. After Christianization of Poland the Church recommended that names of saints and blessed are given. Old Polish names gradually got out of use, some diminutives became official names, and some names went to the category “surnames”. In next epochs e.g. in romanticism there were attempts to restore them, often to reinterpret them and as a result of this to transform them. Comparison of Old Polish compound names noted in SIW with names noted in Old Polish language in SSNO from L to M proves that majority of names are singly noted in SIW. Some of the names are new and formed on the model of Old Polish ones but are not confirmed in SSNO e.g. Leosław, Letosław, others are continuation of Old Polish names and Old Pomeranian ones e.g. Miłobrat, Miłosław.