Dziewiętnastowieczne nazwiska patronimiczne z sufiksami z komponentem "-k" w materiale śląskim zebranym przez Stanisława Rosponda


  • Aleksandra Burdukiewicz


19th-century patronymic surnames with suffixes containing the -k- element in Silesian material of Stanisław Rospond


The paper characterizes 19th-century Silesian surnames with the following suffixes: -ek, -ak, -ik, -czyk, -uk, -ka, -ko. There are 919 such surnames and they are the most numerous anthroponyms in Silesian material collected by Stanisław Rospond. Considering all the suffixes separately, the following groups can be distinguished: 351 38% surnames with suffix -ek, 172 18.7% surnames with suffix -ik -yk, 170 18.5% surnames with suffix -ak, 63 7% surnames with suffix -czyk, 105 11% surnames with suffix -ka, 53 5.7% surnames with suffix -ko and 5 0.5% surnames with suffix -uk. Most of the analyzed 19th-century surnames − 381 41% examples − are motivated by former older anthroponyms which have appellatives as root words. Surnames motivated by anthroponyms with proper names as a root word create the next group. There are 278 30% such surnames and most of them have suffix -ak. Formations motivated by former anthroponyms with social function or job name as a root word are much less numerous − this group contains 76 8% examples. Most of formations belonging to this group have suffix -czyk. There are also single surnames motivated by former anthroponyms with names of family relationships as a root word as well as with ethnonyms.