Pomorze Zachodnie w 1300 roku — ludnościowy aspekt władzy


  • Krzysztof Guzikowski


Western Pomerania in 1300 — the population aspect of power

In every historical period there were many individuals who exercised varying degrees of authority. The aim of the paper is to determine how many people in power there were in Western Pomerania in 1300. Representatives of society who can be regarded as belonging to this group must be selected methodically. What is needed first of all is a precise definition of the territory of Western Pomerania in 1300 — lands that were ruled by dukes from the Griffin dynasty. Then, since the data for the year 1300 are fragmentary, it is necessary to take into account sources concerning the years before and after 1300. Of prime importance is information regarding the last decade of the 13th century and the first decade of the 14th century. On the basis of the above assumptions the author has identified a group of 784 people. Of these, 481 individuals were laypeople dukes, counts, court and local officials, knights who were dukes’ closest confidants and village heads, and 303 — members of the clergy a bishop, canons, abbots, priors, abbesses and parish priests.






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