Historische Büchlein i Geheime Finanz Bücher jako przykłady źródeł do dziejów społeczeństwa miejskiego na Pomorzu Pruskim w II połowie XVIII wieku


  • Radosław Gaziński
  • Paweł Gut


Historische Büchlein and Geheime Finanz Bücher as examples of sources for the study of urban society in Prussian Pomerania in the second half of the 18th century

The aim of the article is to demonstrate the value of Historische Büchlein and Geheime Finanz Bücher in the study of demography and society in Pomerania in the 18th century. The author points to the similarities and differences between the two book series. Analysing the facts presented in the sources, the author tries to draw more general conclusions.
The authors present the structure of the books and their changes in terms of their content over the years. In addition, the authors discuss the way statistical data are presented in the books.
The analysed series of Prussian official statistics books from the 18th century are an extremely valuable source for the study — in various respects — of urban society in Pomerania during the reign of Frederick II and his successors.






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