• Ochrona tajemnicy zawodowej komornika sądowego

Ochrona tajemnicy zawodowej komornika sądowego

Mariusz Jabłoński
Google Scholar Mariusz Jabłoński
Justyna Węgrzyn
Google Scholar Justyna Węgrzyn



In this article the authors:
— clarify the concept of the profession of public trust;
— clarify the concept of professional secrecy;
— underline the special status of a court bailiff court bailiff as a public official;
— clarify professional secrecy of court bailiff range of subjective and objective, arising
from Article 20 of the Act of 29 August 1997 — on court bailiffs and enforcement procedure.
Pursuant to that provision:
“Paragraph 1. A bailiff is obliged to keep confidential the circumstances of a case that were
acquired due to performed actions.
Paragraph 2. The duty referred a paragraph 1 continues after the cancellation of a bailiff.
Paragraph 3. The duty of professional secrecy ceases when a bailiff testifies as a witness or a party before the court or prosecutor, unless the disclosure of professional secrecy jeopardizes the good of the state. In those cases a bailiff may be relieved of the duty of confidentiality by the Minister of Justice.”

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