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Tom 100 (2015)

Zakład Postępowania Administracyjnego i Sądownictwa Administracyjnego

Barbara Adamiak

Strony: 161 - 163




In the early period, in the organizational structure of the Department of Administrative Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Wrocław in 1961, the Division of Administrative Proceedings was established. After the establishment of the Institute of Administrative Science in 1969, this division was joined with the Division of Administrative Law.
Return in the 1980s to the concept of basic guarantees of individual’s rights protection — process guarantees, including the guarantee of the right to fair trial has given grounds for organizational separation of the Research Team in the Institute of Administrative Sciences. Its main research area included procedural institutions of administrative procedure law and administrative courts’ procedure law. On the initiative of Professor Jan Jendrośka, in 1988, the Division of Administrative Proceedings and Administrative Courts was created. The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Law and Administration appointed Professor Jan Jendrośka head of the Division. After his retirement in 1989 Professor Barbara Adamiak became head of the Division, and she holds this position until today.
The Division of Administrative Proceedings and Administrative Courts conducts research in three fields, connected with the problem matter of individual’s rights:
— the first one includes legal institutions of administrative proceedings as defined by the legal guarantees of individual’s rights protection;
— the second concerns institutions of administrative court proceedings;
— the third concerns institutions of enforcement proceedings.