• Rada Sądownictwa Irlandii Północnej

Rada Sądownictwa Irlandii Północnej

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0137-1134.119.19
Agnieszka Gajda
Google Scholar Agnieszka Gajda



The Judges’ Council for Northern Ireland was established in 2010. The only legal basis defining the principles of its operation and the procedure for appointing its members is the “constitution” adopted by the Council itself — the rules governing its action. The author analyses the competence and practice of this body and concludes that the Council has no imperative powers and that its role is limited to that of an advisory role. It has not been given the powers that are usually given to bodies of a similar nature. Despite this, the Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland, as head of the judiciary, before making specific decisions usually decides to consult them with representatives of various judicial circles represented in the Council, which increases public confidence in his decisions and confidence in the judiciary.

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